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Project Description
An ASP.NET Global Functions Class that provides lots of extended functionality to a web site. This is a please contribute type of project.

If you have anything to add please send it to

Current Types..

/// <summary>
/// Request Types
/// <summary>

// Return Raw URL.
// Return Users IP Address.
// Return Users Mac Address.

/// <summary>
/// Return Types
/// <summary>

// Trim and HTMLEncoded String.
// Trim and HTMLDecoded String.
// Return A Encrypted String.
// Return String To Lower With Inital Caps.
// Return String To Lower with All Caps On First Letter Of Words.
// Generate a randam number.
// Count charters in string.
// Returns Bitmap (image) Meta Data Object.

/// <summary>
/// Check Types
/// <summary>

// Check For String Match
// Check for Null Or Blank Referances.
// Check for valid email address.
// Check for file Virtual Path.
// Check for file Full Path.

/// <summary>
/// Function Types
/// <summary>

// Replace All None A/Z Charters.
// Rebuilds a Image and saves output.
// Grab an images metat data from a virtaul file and output to a list.

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